About Us

Grizzly Bear Café provides a platform for men who love to cook. It’s time to end the notion that cooking is feminine or a non-masculine activity: if you have to eat to survive, then you have to learn how to cook –forget the gender roles.

We’re three guys talking about what we love to cook and how we make it. We also invite our friends and contributing writers to talk about their recipes, dishes, and chefs they take inspiration from.

Check out our articles to find recipes, cooking and kitchen tips, and chef profiles that will help you improve your cooking skills or help you learn the art of cooking.

Meet the Team

Michael Parker

Michael Parker

Michael managed to retire this year at the age of 40 after selling his successful restaurant after growing it into a successful establishment. His career started when he was 20 and, after learning from successful chefs and watching his favorite cooking channels, began experimenting until he created his own recipes.

With so much free time on his hands and his unending passion to share his recipes, Michael now writes about his dishes, the recipes, and tips on how aspiring cooks and chefs can achieve successful careers.

Harry de Watt​

Harry de Watt

Harry is a 34-year old father of two and a pastry chef. He loves making desserts and improving on his banana bread recipe that is a favorite of his kids’ school bake sale. He specializes in appetizers and desserts and works part-time in his best friend’s restaurant.

Most of the time, you’ll find Harry at home, trying out new recipes. Together with his wife, a family lawyer, the two of them defy gender stereotypes and try to teach the same to their daughters

Oliver Lincoln​

Oliver Lincoln

A rotisseur chef, which is a fancy way of saying Oliver handles meat. He enjoys working in a hot kitchen or over a hot stove making sure premium cuts turn out perfect and juicy that will satisfy the customer. At 30, he’s only had around six years of experience, but is doing well and learning from the other chefs where he works.

His recipes all include meat as the star of the dish. He loves medium rare porterhouses with a side of mashed potatoes and hates the deconstructed food trend that over-complicates the food experience

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